Awesomeness can be hard. 
That's why dads need a hand.

It's not difficult to see how important dads are. Which is why it's our job to help them out.



Matt's Hands was founded because help isn't just a handout.

We exist to give dads the support they need. We don't want to change who they are. We don't want to encroach on their dad-ness. We just want dads to feel like they have the upper hand.

Be a helping hand.

Join us benefitting dads around the country!





One dad's story

It started with a test.

The journey to becoming a dad always begins with a test. 

Not a test of will. Nor a test of strength. Not even a test of aptitude. This was a test of fertility. And this soon-to-be-dad's wife passed that test with flying colors. Well, one color, actually.

Coming home from work one day, Jorah – a fun, loving, quintessential American man – was ushered to a local hot chicken restaurant by his wife, Dany. She pushed him out the door, urging him, "It's a day to celebrate!"

Arriving down the street at this hot chicken hub, Dany tested Jorah on his surprised face. "Are you ready for the real surprise?" she asked him. After a short drumroll, she said the heart-warming words: "I'm pregnant!"

Jorah's journey to fatherhood has been exciting and new. Learning about the growing and food-compared sizes of his unborn child, Jorah couldn't resist looking forward to meeting this little one. Even with the time seeming so far off, he felt unprepared as a father.

"How could I be prepared? No one is ever prepared, right?" Jorah asked himself one night.

You have to hand it to him

Feeling reluctant to receive help at first, Jorah posted on Facebook, soliciting references for some type of organization that can prepare him to be a dad. And you have to hand it to him – it's hard for most people to ask for help!

Matt's Hands heard him and came to the rescue. Our team of pro-dads came to his rescue, being incredible resources and providing endless help to him. Jorah couldn't believe it. Never before had he been so vulnerable and so immediately supported. 

Matt's Hands for you

That's what Matt's Hands exists for. There are dads – and dads-to-be! – out there that need help. They may not know it. Oftentimes, they may not even want it. But they need it. It's our mission to be the helping hand. 

Anyone can lend a hand. 

Even you.

Yes – I said you.


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