We count on you so they can count on us.


Our growth

Growth in efficiency allows us to help more dads with less money.

Our reach

We've extended helping hands to all sorts of dads.

Our Hands

We survive off the hands that give more than they were given.


Hands down the greatest event for dads to experience firsthand.


This is the best hands-on experience dads can have to boost their fatherly abilities. You can support three parts of our sailing initiatives.


weigh anchor

Give a hand and sponsor a dad for the weekend.

sailing sailboat

Set sail

Lend a hand in sailing and navigational fees.


swab the deck

Help dads get their hands dirty by supplying some equipment.

Not all dads are superstars.

Don't get down on yourself. You could be doing way worse.

bluth bad dad
Lannister bad dad
honey I shrunk bad dad
Darth bad dad
married bad dad
red bad dad
frank bad dad
don draper bad dad
shining bad dad

Don't let our dads end up like this.

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