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It all started with a photo. 

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Handing down a legacy.

Matt's Hands hasn't been around for long, yet the impact left has almost been of out of hand. 

Matt, founder and CHO (Chief Hand Officiant) of Matt's Hands started the organization with a dream in mind. It started one day when hand modeling for Kindful, a small software company in Nashville. When his hands were used in a photo on their website, he knew they were meant for something much greater.

As a new father himself, Matt struggles with the needs every dad faces: how to live life with a baby! The struggles are real, and Matt's Hands is providing support, encouragement, and help to real dads in real ways.

Since its creation in May, 2017, Matt has seen dramatic expansion through the Jack Handy Fund, growing the organization from a $220 org to a $3.8 million org overnight. Literally – Jack called Matt on May 29, and on May 30 they grossed $3.8 million. Pretty nuts.

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